Thursday, January 17, 2008

Interesting Questions from My Question Bank

1)How can we better understand the value of technology before we consider budget changes?.

2)Is IT facing an "Innovation deficit", if yes how can it be overcomed?.

3)In the Bio-Technology arena,Pharmaceutical and biotech researchers have to face the problem of bringing various data types together such as gene sequence data, gene expression data, protein structure data, and integrating the same data of the same type collected using different technologies and experimental protocols.What role is IT playing to fulfill these complex data mining and collection processes?.

4)Small sized businesses, particularly those that lack the resources of a large in-house IT department, face the constant challenge of managing document versions and ensuring their security and integrity.What can be done in order to meet this challenge of theirs?.

5)What kind of defect-tolerant architectures,defect-tolerant architectures methods do you foresee in the Nano-age?.

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