Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Geek and You shall find IT - Digital Delivery

Syndication is best described as the right content being received by the right person at the right time and right place. Users can consume the content in an experience they control.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a new technology you can use to have information sent to you, rather than having to go hunting for it. Many Web sites, offer RSS as a way to splash news and execute marketing strategies.These feeds are becoming more and more popular, more sites are offering these free services, and more users are streaming the content. No more hunting and rummaging, information comes to you on its OWN right at your doorstep...! RSS eliminates all the hassles associated with Email newsletters, which we typically call SPAM..because the user has control as to what he wishes to receive. In future alongwith Website management,Content Management Comapnies will have to plan for Syndication strategies as well to keep the users coming back to thier websites.

In technical jargon RSS may mean Really Simple Syndication, but for consumers/users all around it definitely stands out as Really Simple and Sensible.

Happy Streamin'!

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