Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oil Prices Rise, Air Fares Follow and Travellers Suffer

Airlines the world over are raising fares to offset rising oil prices. Although Oil is still a costly resource, it has pulled down by nearly 15-20% from its recent highs, whereas Air fuel surcharges haven't all fallen by the same measure. Airlines have been resistant, and some have even hiked their surcharges , despite the drop in fuel prices.

From the competitive aspect, many Airlines are colluding to use fuel surcharges to keep prices higher, which is a misguiding factor.What's the most alarming thing about all this is that there is no watchdog agency that is monitoring the way these surcharges practises operate.Slashing the sucharge will be a positive indication for the traveler. Hope and pray atleast a few responsible Airlines do join this bandwagon of 'No-Surcharge'

Happy Flyin'!

©®Chitra Lele