Monday, December 1, 2014


The Power of One… the Inspiration Source the Insuperable Force.

One ‘Spirited Mind’ inspires millions

one ‘Brave Heart’ moves the nation
one ‘Powerful Action’ sparks up a revolution
one ‘Bright Idea’ heralds a wave of progress
one ‘Wise Word’ is the harbinger of hope
one ‘Reverent Orison’ leads to self-purity
one ‘Super Speech’ ignites dormant minds
one ‘Strong Character’ instills moral values
one ‘Happy Memory’ rejuvenates senses
one ‘Sweet Smile’ refreshes the spirit
one ‘Hearty Laugh’ lightens the burden
one ‘Committed Cause’ transforms lives
one ‘Affirmative Nod’ reposes trust
one ‘Thumbs-Up’ is go ahead for finish line
one ‘Chosen Path’ leads to self-fulfillment
one ‘Appreciative Pat’ infuses enthusiasm
one ‘Fulfilled Promise’ meets expectations
one ‘Ideal Personality’ is epitome of values
one ‘Noble Deed’ triggers a chain of deeds
one ‘Action Plan’ achieves the objectives
one ‘Confirmed Fact’ clears fog of oblivion
one ‘Spiritual Mentor’ enlightens the spirit
one ‘Gentle Whisper’ comforts a lost soul
one ‘Historic Chapter’ glorifies the rich past
one ‘Success Story’ creates glorious history
one ‘Dynamic Move’ redefines the present
one ‘Forward Thought’ forms a bright future
one ‘Perseverant Person’ personifies tenacity
one ‘Positive Remark’ nurtures the attitude
one ‘Inspiring Event’ creates real life heroes
one ‘Small Step’ turns out to be a giant leap
one ‘Concerted Effort’ is all about liberation
one ‘Unified Campaign’ leads to harmony
one ‘Proven Formula’ realizes Power of One.

The Power of One…

...All battles will be won
...All sufferings will be gone.

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