Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Powerful Personality: Ahmed El Hamamsy

Introducing you all to the powerful personality of my friend and colleague, Ahmed El Hamamsy Sir. He is a forerunner in the fields of S&OP Planning and E2E Supply Chain Management. He is a serial entrepreneur. He is also the founder and  host of Think Big & B-Inspired Show. Last but not least, he is a spiritual being at heart. You all can follow him or connect with him here:

Here are some wise words from him and I am sure they will add immense value to your life:

I define success as a state of continuous evolving, learning and progressing always in motion. Never give up and don’t let your current circumstances define your future even if the time is hard. My strategy is consistently adding values through sharing knowledge and experience, supporting others and open to being coachable and learn from everyone humbly, no matter what their position or status is.

Struggles and losing my job after 13 years of service, I discovered  that nothing is called job security.  You need to always be learning, having multiple sources of income and also one needs to move towards growth mindset.

From struggles we are reborn, have fun edutaining people, don’t take life so seriously. We are all passengers. Find your purpose to reach a state of fulfillment in life.

Ask yourself why several times you are doing this till you find your passion. Treat people with respect and don’t seek revenge. Give endlessly and you shall receive more than what you ever imagined!

The last line:
Give endlessly and you shall receive more than what you ever imagined! 

Friends: Isn't this such a great life lesson!