Friday, October 29, 2010

Self hypnosis: Focus on the unseen 90% to achieve 100% affirmative beliefs

Where do your beliefs come from?

Most of us have beliefs we want to deprecate and we also try hard on doing so. But what many don't realize that our mind is like an iceberg. We work on the 10% we see, but simply ignore the 90% tucked away beneath layers and layers of irrational beliefs.

Any type of belief stems from the deep recesses of your mind. The best way is to unearth it from there. And how do you do that? Self hypnosis is the answer. What should worry us is ‘irrational beliefs’ and self hypnosis helps to eliminate them.

With Self hypnosis as a catharsis technique in your emotional toolkit you will be able to access the information that gives you the ability to overcome all these irrational beliefs. It will let you tap into your brainwaves to your own advantage.

The main aim of any self hypnosis technique is to allow the individual to distance himself from anxiety, frustration and fear, and only concentrate on ways that can be used to leverage his strengths. The main preparation for self hypnosis is to convince the subconscious mind that you want a positive change in your belief system. Strange but true, the subconscious mind takes in whatever you show it. Programming and reprogramming it is entirely your duty. A typical self hypnosis session will begin with relaxation followed by a dose of affirmations and visualization. Then this is followed by association, wherein you connect the affirmations or visual imagery with a positive emotion. The last step is the most critical one…..Take Action. Once you do this a couple of times then your subconscious system will automatically spring up in times when you recede into the irrational mode. It will pull back into the rational belief system.

Life is always unfolding and sometimes in ways we can never anticipate and prepare for. But with Self hypnosis you can stride ahead and get through all the tumultuous twists and turns of life, smoothly.