Monday, March 21, 2011

The Importance of Persistence

In this hyperturbulent world everyone is in a hurry to do something or the other, but very few survive the shock waves.

When one decides to take up something new and master it, most of times it so happens that one does it with an abrupt start without much pre-planning.When we do something haphazardly then progress does not come gradually and steadily, there are these spurts of ups n downs in the learning curve, called plateaus and these definitely form a stumbling block which finally make you loose your confidence and give up on the task of accomplishing a new skill,sport,technology,language etc.

To overcome these blocks one needs to perfom "Consistenly with Persistence" and needs to keep track of the progress.Only people with grit and persistence will survive these initial hurdles and achieve thier goals by smoothening out the meandering learning curve.Only then one will rise way above these plateaus.

Ideas must seek development, production, refinement before they reach fruition.This process takes time and effort but with Persistence one can definitely achieve their set goals. So freinds learn to experiment and relearn from the mistakes rather than pushing yourself too hard whereby in the process you loose ground. Take it one step at a time and that too with a big stroke of persistence.

©®Chitra Lele