Saturday, May 1, 2010

Skeptically Speaking!

The 10 Top Indications that require you to be skeptical in life
10. You take things as others perceive them to be.
9. Keep doing things, even though they don’t fulfill you.
8. You are constantly told that due to your worry with personal security you are developing a reactionary attitude.
7. When others move up the scale at your cost.
6. You get bored even with novel ways and ideas.
5. Whenever you sit down to relax or meditate, you see a series of thoughts and emotions flashing past your mind’s screen that seems virtually uncontrollable.
4. You are doing the same old tasks day in and out for months together. There is absolutely nothing new in your routine.
3. When your family members keep telling you to get off the autopilot mode.
2. When revamps that you undertake are taking you nowhere, repeatedly.
1. You think life is just a bed of thorns.