Wednesday, June 16, 2010

M.A.S.S -> My Acronyms Shared,Sincerley

L.I.F.E -> Live It to the Fullest Extent

W.O.R.K -> Work Over, Recreation Kickstarts

F.U.N -> Friends UN-limited

P.A.L.S -> Pleasant And Lovely Souls

G.O.A.L -> Great Overall Achievement Level

J.O.Y -> Juxtapose Overenthusiam and You

S.H.A.R.E -> Should Help And Respect Each

W.E -> Win Everything

U.S -> Unlimited Success

I.P -> Intelligence Personified

A.C.E -> Always Gear-up Efficiency

P.E.N -> Positivity Eliminates Negativity

And finally i am always... @.U.S -> At Ur Service

©®Chitra Lele