Sunday, July 4, 2010

Unleash the Creative Corner(CC)

Creativity is Channelizing Radiant Energetic Activity thru' Intelligent and Vivacious Initiative taken by You.

Each one of us has a little creative corner somewhere within us, we just need to dig it out and unleash its power.Creativity is nothing but the diamonds dug out from the deepest of mines lying in your CC.

Now some of us are aware of where is the CC, all we need to do is tap its potential.Some of us know both where it is and how to activate it , these are the lucky ones, and few others are simply under the impression that they lack the Creative Quotient(CQ), which is not true [in reality:)]. Now here is a simple formula from my CC called RICH which will help you recharge your creative battery and level up your CQ, so read on..

1)Retrospect - Talk with your family,friends,colleagues and
2)Introspect - Think intelligent and you will see the results, probably by the time i finish writing this blog, your creative corner would have churned out something wonderful.
3)Challenge yourself to do better, try to do better than what you did last time, in short be more innovative.
4)Have Faith in yourself and your creative acumen, never get bogged down.

Hope this RICH formula gives an impetus to all the creative minds out there.Believe me my formula did work wonders for many.

©®Chitra Lele