Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nurturing and Nourishing your Creative Muse

Survival Kit

To grow and flourish in life,one needs to align the physical,mental and spiritual planes in order to achieve synergy within the inner compass-COSMOS!!

Indulge in activities that bolster and boost up your confidence levels, release stress and place you in a state of euphoria, it could be anything that you like right from dancing to fencing. Also use stress/anger bursting techniques to free your mind and soul from negativity and toxins.Use natural techniques like yoga,meditation etc to rev up your cosmic energy.

All this will help you to relax and then you will be ready to new options,possibilities.

Set appointments, for change with yourself and splash around with fun-filled/creative activities and you will see the difference.You will come out rejuvenated,refreshed and ready to face the challenges of life, fully equipped.

Relish each moment rather than thinking about what's next.Also ensure you do things which are aligned with your inner-self. Always listen to your Soul's Pearls of Wisdom-INSTINCTS.

Do a lot of meditation,retrospection to understand the powers of your mind. Acknowledge your thought process and act accordingly, remember this will help to maintain the 'alignment'. Accept both success and failure with grace only then will you emerge as a winner in the final race.

Self-criticism is important but at the same time never ever forget to Self-motivate whenever you achieve a goal, this mechanism will pay you huge dividends, see here again i am talking about balancing the inner-compass.

So start living Success from within,from the inside out.
All set to conquer new horizons!!!

©®Chitra Lele