Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bleeding Edge - Take Control of it!!

It's easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of bleeding edge technology. But it's our job, as IT professionals, to understand our users' needs and then determine what technology to use. After all, technology still requires a good amount of old-fashion human judgment.

Technology and Business Process are cohesive elements of any IT project. The key is to find technology that suits your business processes.Even organizations with large budgets set aside for R&D focus on meeting the strategic vision of the business needs, rather than blindly adopting the bleeding edge factor.

It's time to stop worshiping the Silicon God and getting rid of technophobia. Remember that the Key point here is-we understand a business unit's processes or flows before we apply technology.If you are careful to keep that order straight everything else should fall in place

Dreams of breakthrough success drive innovation and experimentation, but as long as Business Vision and Client expectations drive the Technology Mix, then Leading or Bleeding Edge is going to be the perfect Fix.

©®Chitra Lele