Saturday, July 11, 2009

Random Musings

All the so-called "secrets of happiness" will not work unless you do. There is no point in waiting for things to happen. The process of effectuation is not all that difficult, what is required a little bit of presence of mind. All the answers lie within you, all that needs to be done is cull out these pointers.
Not to forget that this universe itself is vast awning of innovation and inspiration. You can definitely draw out clues from the same to seek the answers to the problems in life.

Once you get into the habit of self awareness and observation then problem solving becomes alot more easier and enjoyable. Once you are able to clearly identify the gaps then you can also identify strategies for filling up these lacuna. It is a complete learning loop that you need to go through in order to add to your wisdom reserves and enrich your experience base.

©®Chitra Lele