Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Mind begins to wander…….

My award wining poem – received the Editor’s Award from the international Journal of Enchanting Verses (Paris), chosen from 2000+ entries from across the globe.

The press release link is:-

As nature beckons me with enchanting gestures,
my mind begins to wander into greener pastures
As I tour through reflective processes of my mind,
I get teleported to a different realm, one of its kind.

Seeing through the misty glass of my mind,
I experience myriad of feelings gushing by
which get translated into the daily grind,
but at the end of it all, my mind heaves a sigh of joy.

As my soul drifts into many horizons anew,
my mind begins to wander in quest of energy renew-
as dreams and possibilities satiate my head,
I get inspired to get way ahead and set lead.

Once again I return to life filled with action,
and paint a landscape of filled with imagination of great times-
singing joyfully I dance all the way with gumption;
this is the symphony of each soul that rhymes.

As the windows of my soul are suddenly thrown open,
my mind begins to wander entwined with melody soften-
these euphonic sounds in my memories will stay
with me forever to the end of each day.

Alas my subconscious reveals the divine master plan-
I set foot in the world of the ‘inner self’,
stay connected to the Divine Being for entire life span,
to continually preserve and evolve my Essential self.

©®Chitra Lele