Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fertilizer of Challenges

The truth is - life is indeed full of challenges. So why not face them instead of running away from them? The more we run away from them the more they get back to us.

Isn’t it better to find ways to get above them, under them or even better through them? The answer to this question depends on which category one belongs to – Achievers (As) or the Not-so-patient hard workers (Ns).

There are very few people who know how to work their way through the maze of challenges to attract all the good things in life, while the remaining just don’t make it. Its not that the remaining are not hard working but what they lack is perseverance and patience. They expect instant gratification. They expect that the moment they give out positive energy the very next moment they will receive a huge surge of positive energy in return.

Another difference between the achievers and the not-so-patient handworkers is that for achievers the results as well as the process matters where as the not-so-patient hard workers want to see tangible results. Due to this attitude they fail to realize and enjoy the intangible benefits of personal pride and a sense of achievement that are accrued during the process of overcoming the challenge, which are far more valuable than monetary returns.

The biggest difference between As and Ns is that of attitude. As invest their energy by accepting challenges as a means to learn and grow whereas Ns are wasting energy in either circumventing them or approaching challenges in a wrong manner.

One major aspect that can transform a not-so-patient hard worker to an achiever is ‘self-trust.’ Achievers truly believe that the seeds of opportunities lie within and they can be germinated with the fertilizer of challenges.

©®Chitra Lele