Thursday, September 10, 2009

A small piece of poetry from my word weaving village

Rise and Shine

Through the boundless vertex of time & space,
do not let trifles disturb the tranquil mind in the race.
Every long lost dream will lead to noctilucent stars,
Rise and Shine; see how the cloudy sky clears.

There will be times when you call it quits,
it is in these times that push to the limits.
Splendor of Success & the Glory of Growth;
form the fabric of life; the ultimate truth.

Face sweltering summer; nipping blast of winter with vigor
dancing flowers, swaying trees are the spirit’s power.
Well constituted character is the base of moral worth;
is the true beacon of light which will guide forth.

Triumph over troubles; count the gains not losses
only then victorious tribulation embraces.
Jump onto the self-motivation bandwagon
and all the troubles in no time will be gone.

Drop apprehensions to keep going in the chase
replace cynicism with meaning, in grace.
Take a blissful dip in waters of eclectic bless;
and woes & sorrows will surely cease.

©®Chitra Lele