Sunday, November 18, 2012

Testimonials for Chitra's record-setting book on Personal Transformation―The 6 Spheres of Life

The 6 Spheres of Life: Unlocking the Door to Success and Happiness―This book on personal transformation by me, i.e. Chitra Lele, is a record-setting book as it has received 70+ Letters of Commendation from World Leaders, right from the Hon. President of India to Her Excellency Queen Elizabeth II. And due to this my book and me have set a world record in prestigious records books like India Book and Limca Book of Records. Apart from world leaders, several personal transformation experts, world-renowned speakers and best-selling authors have endorsed my book―here are few of the testimonials for my book.

1)“Chitra Lele has managed to create a mantra of gentle insights to invite the reader to a more fulfilled tomorrow. Read it today and see the warmth of her poetic nature and charming prose. You deserve fulfillment. Chitra's mantra can be a potent tool in that journey.”
Mr. Bob Danzig,
Best-selling Author, Speaker, Former CEO of Hearst Newspapers

2)“Chitra really makes you think of what’s most important in life. If you want to change your life, change your choices and your thoughts. This book will help you do just that! Happy Reading.”
Mr. Scott Friedman,
CSP, Ex- President of The National Speakers Association, Motivational Humorist

3)“Chitra Lele has masterfully compiled a unique and practical guide for achieving life success. Her easy-to-follow formulas for overall well-being can be utilized by anyone to create positive changes in their life. This book should be read by every high-achiever!”
Mr. Tristan J. Loo,
Author, Educator, Publisher of Self Improvement Magazine

4)“Chitra Lele’s book is a great resource for self-transformation and empowerment. The information in this book delivers a blueprint for happiness and inner peace. It will help set new standards for life and take it to the next level.”
Dr. Lance Secretan,
International best-selling author of thirteen books

5)“Chitra's book will teach you to not only achieve your dreams but create an extraordinary quality of life. It is insightful and easy to follow.”
Mr. James Mapes,
Author, Quantum Leap Thinking: An Owner's Guide to the Mind
President - The Quantum Leap Thinking Organization

6)“Chitra's book is the roadmap for building a positive focus and purpose in life. The Formulas will help to practice higher levels of self-discipline in every aspect of life.”
Mr. Richard Saldan, President

7)“Internalizing Chitra's road map in life will help you become an effective performer.”
Mr. Azim Jamal,
# 1 Amazon bestselling co-author of The Power of Giving

8)“Fascinating and wise.”
Mr. Richard Koch,
Author of The 80/20 Principle, The Star Principle, sub-titled How It Can Make You Rich

9)“A very comprehensive, formula-driven approach to personal success.”
Mr. Tom Butler-Bowdon,
Author of 50 Success Classics and 50 Self-Help Classics

10)“Chitra's work is part of a growing response to a new and emerging global consciousness - the consciousness that we live in a time of change and it is only by and through the human alignment to that change that we can make a meaningful contribution. She addresses the presence of self that we can change within our selves as the first step in becoming a new and enlightened individual - success to you in your journey.”
Mr. Richard Bowell,
Author of The seven steps of spiritual intelligence, The wisdom Process and Coaching the Soul

11)“Chitra you are indeed an inspirational writer. There is wisdom and truth on every page, with the knack of summarizing key concepts in a crisp, neat acronym or phrase.

Your work expresses the essence of the mental, emotional and spiritual. It has a great deal to offer the human race and deserves to be widely read.”
Mr. David L. Preston,
Best-selling Author of 365 Ways to be Your Own Life Coach

12)“For people who desire to live the life of their dreams, Chitra Lele’s book is definitely a must-read. This wonderfully written self-help guide enlightens the reader with some vital signposts on the road towards living a fulfilled and happier life.”
Mr. Raj Bhowmik
Founder-Soulbath Peace Foundation, Author-CORPORitual

13)“Chitra's latest book is amazingly inspirational and creates a rational, logical and doable motivational force that teaches us all how to make our dream come true!”
Mr. Uri Geller, best-selling author, motivational speaker

14)“Chitra has compiled a very practical guide for the committed individual who is on the path to realizing their full human potential. One can have clear vision for their purpose without the necessary steps to realizing their dreams. Chitra gives us a GPS for those steps, for our hearts and minds to stay on course and find our way into the unknown. Happy travels!”
Mr. Joseph Bailey, psychologist and author of five internationally selling books on mental well-being, including, Slowing Down to the Speed of Life and Fearproof Your Life.

15)“Chitra Lele knows what all of the great masters of spiritual development and transformation know: "it is an inside/out job." And rather than relying on vague abstractions, Ms. Lele provides concrete ways to assist readers to manifest their highest purpose, creating new meaning in their
lives. ”
Mr. Barry Heermann, Ph.D., author of Noble Purpose, Igniting Extraordinary Passion for Life and Work