Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Top Ten Tips

A. “You are a born leader.” Repeat this self-affirmation at least 10 times a day either say it in front of a mirror or you can even record it and replay it. This is your magic code and continuously picturing the code definitely makes a positive impact.

B. Take negative feedback with a bucket of salt. Negative feedback is always better than no feedback. Just imagine ignoring a 3 year old child for even more than 5 minutes, I guess you are already visualizing the tantrums thrown by the child. Similarly if an adult is deprived from stimuli, he will definitely loose focus in no time.

C. Appreciate and acknowledge yourself for who you are. Once you become comfortable with yourself you will be able to nurture, coach and support yourself effectively.

D. Be a doer. Get into the 3 step mode
-What are your goals?
-How will you achieve them?
-And the answer to the above two questions is 'Action all the way.'

E. Relaxation and taking time off the hectic schedule is a must. Tension to a reasonable degree acts as a positive impetus but beyond that it plays havoc.

F. Be your own person. Focus on the ‘how’ and not on the ‘why me.’ Rephrase the question of ‘why me’ to ‘how can I overcome my fear.’ The more defensive you become the more hostile the source of fear appears.

G. Replace the problem statements with a strong vision. Let this vision become your driving force to solve problems. Live in that vision.

H. Stop wasting time in doing superficial things rather work at the grass root level which is the only way to raise your self-esteem.

I. Stop misinterpreting or exaggerating problems. Do not fall for others’ interpretation of your problems. Learn to be your own judge.

J. Constant learning is the key to self-growth. Don’t be daunted by this fact, once you understand the dynamics of learning, the job becomes a lot easier.

©®Chitra Lele