Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SMS Flood TV Channels - Pros and Cons of SMS-TV Marriage

Practically every TV channel today is encouraging viewers to SMS.Since SMS is immensely popular among mobile phone users, especially the youth.Cashing in on this popularity, media companies TV channels, in particular are spurning a host of polls,contests etc etc.

This aspect has 2 sides to it let me illustrate with examples
First lets check out the negative side, at times under the guise of a noble cause the channels make millions. The poor mobile owner sends an SMS believing that he is either being charged a paltry sum and that he is helping a noble cause, but the fact really is that he is making TV-SMS tie ups richer by emptying his own pockets.

The Positive side to it is providing an accessible easy online help point in times of distress. Chaos everywhere. Hundreds of people killed. TV Channels covering it LIVE.There is revenue sharing involved at the moment for all the channels and the Cell service providers but at the same time they are doing a great job of providing online help lines, makes things easier for the affected families, thereby reducing the running from pillar to post pandemonium.

Definitely SMS enabled TV marketing enhances viewer loyalty and audience levels and acts as a good feedback response mechanism for TV, but at the same time its upto each individual user to decide how much one really wants to spend(waste) money in one's on-line presence.

Happy Viewing and SMSing(hope you strike the right balance).

©®Chitra Lele