Friday, November 25, 2011

Living by Taglines - Word Power

Yet Another Poem from my poetry realm

I have the "Passion to Perform", hence "Performance is delivered",
"I Think Different, I Think Ahead, so I Stay Ahead",
"Applying thought", "Powered by Intellect & Driven by Values" lets me achieve,
"The Next Level of Performance" and "The Brilliance of Innovation".

The "Value of Trust" is something which gives me the "The Power to Change",
"The mind is a terrible thing to waste" tap its power to the fullest,
Face the gripping challenges “Like a rock”,
"Think outside the box” to emerge as a leader.

"Have the Power to Be Your Best" & see how “We bring good things to life”,
”Celebrate the Moments of Your Life” & "Honor thy self",
”Progress is our most important product" which makes You & I “One in a billion”,
"Quality is Job 1” should be life’s punch line.

"Just Do it" be "Unlike Any Other",
"Sprint Ahead", "Cherish, Celebrate, Commemorate" spirit of perseverance,
"It’s Your World. Take Control" for "You have the Power of Choice",
"Powering What’s Next" is "Pushing Limits".

"Have it Your Way" is what keeps me going,
You "Decide with Confidence" which helps you "Get in the Game",
"Making great things possible" by looking at the "The Big Picture",
"Expect Great Things” and “Make Progress Every Day",

”Life’s Good”, “It’s the real thing”,
Take “The pause that refreshes” and “Be all that you can be”
Remember You & I are a perfect combination of "Sense and Simplicity",
"Make the Most of Now”, that’s “Where it All Comes Together".

©®Chitra Lele